When doing hair for dressage competitions, there can be many problems.
We therefore come with our best tips and tricks here:

A lot trouble with some specific things when doing hair:

 Fly aways: Use water, hair mousse and hairspray in large quantities! It takes a lot to keep event hair looking good for a whole day, so don't skimp on the products.

 Loose hair up-do: Be sure to tighten the ponytail well and use enough elastics around the donut. Then it sits and does not jump around.

 The helmet sliding down the forehead: When you make the ponytail, look down a little so that it will be possible to get it as far down as possible.

 Ugly bumps: Make sure to use water and/or mousse when making the ponytail, and distribute the hair over the donut. In addition, use a brush to get all the bumps down.

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